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Looking for a Record Deal?
Want to Submit Your Music to Radio Stations?
Want to Perform at Shows and Get more Gigs?
Need to Broaden Your Fan base?
Need to Promote Your Music, Songs, Beats and/or Services to The Right People In the Industry?
If You Answered YES to Any of These Questions… Then YOU Need The Industry Yellow Pages

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a top rated music business directory that list thousands of music industry contacts that you could submit your music and/or services to?
Plus to make it even better wouldn’t it be great if all of the listings were in alphabetical order by country, state and category, just like your local phone book?
Well wait no more, because now the ultimate music directory / music industry database is here!


The Music World’s #1 Music Industry Phone Book

Discover thousands of places to promote your music, songs, beats and music business services to using The Industry Yellow Pages
Do you have everything else except the right music industry contacts?
Imagine having a resource that provided you with complete contact information to over 20,000 Radio Stations, Record Companies, A/R’s Managers, Promotion Companies, Distributors and More!

Create the music industry buzz you need with complete contact information such as mailing addresses, email addresses, telephone / fax #’s, websites and more.


Contains complete contact info to…

  • 5500+ Record Labels to Submit YOUR Demos and Music to!
  • 2000 Radio Stations to Get Airplay On!
  • 660 Record Stores to Sell YOUR Music In!
  • 360 Distributors to Distribute YOUR Music Worldwide!
  • 1700 Clubs and Venues to Book and Perform At!
  • 1909 Music Studios to Record YOUR Songs At!
  • 1389 CD Manufacturers to Press Up YOUR Music CDs and Vinyl!
  • 54 Music Conferences to Attend and Network At!
  • 501 Press Contacts such as Industry Related Newspapers, TV and More!!!
  • Tons of Music Sites and Resources to Visit!
  • To Submit YOUR Music, Bios and Press Releases to!

Plus much more
We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars creating The Industry Yellow Pages and continue to spend thousands more every year updating it, to give you the most up to date contacts possible.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll find when using The Industry Yellow Pages Music Industry Directory:

  • Perfect for Finding Record Companies, A&R’s and Managers to Send Your Demo to
  • The Ultimate Resource for Finding Distributors to Distribute Music for Your Independent Record Label or for Finding Publishers for Your Written Songs/Music
  • The Best and Most Successful way to Get the Exposure That You Deserve and to Help You Get Your Songs Played, Your CDs Sold and Your Services Recognized
  • Complete Contact Info for Record Companies, Distributors, A&R’s, Managers, Studios, Radio Stations, Record Stores and More
  • Over 20,000 Physical Mailing Addresses, Phone / Fax #’s, Website URLs, Music Sites and e-mail Addresses
  • Perfect for Mailing Out Demos, and Finding Publishers, Music Distributors and/or Record Stores to Help Sale Your Music
  • Get In Touch With Everyone in the Music Industry from Music Attorneys to Major/College Radio Stations, Music Press and More!
  • Over 20,000 Music Industry Contacts to Help You Get Your Songs Played, Your CDs Sold and Your Business Properly Handled

If You are Seriously trying to Make it In the Music Business,
===== You Must Own a Copy of The Industry Yellow Pages =====

No matter what your position in the music industry or the genre of music your style caters to Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Techno, Spoken Word, Acid, Metal, plus all others, you will find thousands of music industry contacts and music sites across the United States, Canada and the Globe (listings for over 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, The U.K., Japan, Algeria, Argentina , Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Belarus , Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia , Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Holland, India, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, The U.K. and The United States.

A complete A to Z listing of important music industry contacts

Whether you’re an artist, record label owner, manager, producer or A/R looking for promotional contacts, a Publicist, Promo Company, Entertainment Lawyer, or simply others in the music business to network with, The Industry Yellow Pages gives you the contact information needed to make it happen!

All Music Genres and Styles Covered:
Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Indie Rock, Jazz, Punk, All Metals, Ska, Women in Music, Oi, Industrial, Emo, Experimental, Goth, Ambient, Gospel, Noise, Dance, Techno, Country, Bluegrass, Electronic, Folk, Roots, New Age, Christian, New Age and More

The Industry Yellow Pages Includes Thousands of U.S. Listing, Plus Thousands of Listings from Canada, the U.K., Japan and Over 40 Countries!

Why should you purchase from our website instead of from someone else?

======= We’ll sum this up in a few simple answers. =======

#1 We are one of the only online companies that take phone orders, plus we provide you with our complete contact information.
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We can be reached 24 hours a day via email at Support@PlatinumMillennium.com

Phone: 1-919-521-8981
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Platinum Millennium

None of the other websites that sell music directories online will provide you with methods of getting in contact with them, do they have something to hide?
#2 Simply put, anywhere else you’ll pay the same amount or more money for just several hundred or thousand music business contacts, they don’t give you over Twenty Thousand (20,000+) plus like we do.

Don’t Get Burned

#3 We charge you much less then everyone else and we provide you with every single music industry contact that you’ll ever need

We don’t simply give you just one, two or even ten thousand contacts – We give you 20,000 Music Contacts, That’s Right, Twenty Thousand! Plus when you Order Right This Minute, we’ll also give you a ton of ebooks, reports, music contracts and other resources to help you become a success in the music business, all for nearly half of what the other guys charge.

#4 Our music contacts are fresh and up-to-date ( we update them 4 times a year if needed, wow!
When attempting to insure that your business is handled properly, the last thing you need are out-dated, useless music contacts.

Be extremely careful a lot of websites will sell you music contacts that were extracted years ago and never updated just to make a profit.

#5 When you order music contacts from us, they are yours to keep forever – Plus you will receive one Complimentary update once a new version of the software becomes available

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The Industry Yellow Pages Music Directory contains over 901 pages that will provide access to all the industry contacts not only in the U.S.A, but worldwide that you need in the music business:
Their names, business descriptions, phone numbers, web and e-mail addresses, all organized by category and by country and state for fast and easy browsing.

Here is What Others Think About The Industry Yellow Pages The World’s #1 Contact Music Directory!

“I found your web-site excellent and up to date!
The Information was obtained easily, promptly and with professionalism.
My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from you and thank you once again for your courteous and professional service.
We look forward to dealing with you and purchasing other products from your company again in the future.”
Brenda and Rod Carscallen, Barrie, Ontario Canada

I would like to thank the staff at TheIndustryYellowPages.com
Your directory has helped me boost my career and come in contact with people in the music industry that I would never had met if it where not for your website. Thank you and Much Success!
Brad McBride – SouthSide Records – Atlanta, GA

Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Your already an expert on creating good music, now you can become an expert on making sure your music makes it to the right hands and gets the recognition that it deserves.

Use The Industry Yellow Page and get in contact with the people you need to reach in the music industry

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Our contact directory has been used for years by a wide variety of music industry professionals including: singers, musicians, rappers, producers, managers, label owners agents and executives on all levels. Isn’t it about time YOU gave it a try? Get Your Copy Now by Clicking Here

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With Million Dollar e-mails, some of the world’s top internet marketers show you first-hand how to use the power of the Internet to sell your music, merchandise or anything else online in no time using the simple, easy to use power of e-mail, the title says it all!
Plus order on this Visit and Receive Six “Inside the Industry” Music Business Reports
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Joseph Cuccia of Cooch Music Says…

Just wanted to e-mail you with a big Thank You!
We have nothing but praise for The Industry Yellow Pages!
It is a must have for Songwriters, Bands and Musicians!
Your contacts are right on.
The guidelines you list are professional and exactly what we are looking for!
Great Job as always. Keep up the great service you provide and we will be sure to send people your way!

The Industry Yellow Pages

Joseph Cuccia
Cooch Music www.coochmusic.com

“Home of the First Amateur Only Songwriting Contest in the World”

J. Cooch Music (BMI)
Cooch One Music (ASCAP)


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