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Video 1 : So What Exactly is a Copyright?

Video 2: Along with Formally Registering My Copyright, What Else Can I Do?

Video 3: How Long Does a Copyright Last Anyway?

Video 4: The Poor Man’s Copyright Method Bad Idea?

Video 5: What are the Benefits to Formally Registering My Copyright?

Video 6: Fees

Video 7: How can I Copyright My Music If I Live Outside the United States?

Video 8 Part 1: How Do I Register My Copyrights? Step 1

Video 8 Part 2: Form SR Spaces 1 through 2

Video 8 Part 3: Form SR Spaces 3 through 4

Video 8 Part 4: Form SR Spaces 5 through 9

Video 8 Part 5: How Do I register My Copyright? Steps 2 and 3

Video 9: What is the Difference between Form PA and SR

Video 10: When to Use Form SR

Video 11: When to Use Form PA (Performing Arts)

Video 12: Confused? Here are Some Examples of the Proper Use of Forms PA and SR

Video 13: F-A-Q’s

To download and print out the forms needed to copyright your music click onto the links below

>> Click Here to download and print out the Form SR Copyright Application

>> Click Here to download and print out the Continuation Sheet / Form

Important, please read the instructions below carefully and in detail

Forms submitted to the Copyright Office must be clear, legible, and on good quality 8.5-inch by 11-inch white paper. The office produces completed registration certificates by scanning the submitted applications. Thus, poorly printed applications will result in poor quality registration certificates.

Important Printing Instructions:

  • Print forms head to head (top of page 2 is directly behind the top of page 1).
  • Use BOTH SIDES of a single sheet of paper. (Note: Short Forms are one-sided.)
  • Dot-matrix printer copies are not acceptable.
  • Inkjet printer copies require enlarging if you use the Shrink to Fit Page option.
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