How To Start Your Own Record Label and Take Your Career to a New Level

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One of the keys to your success as a musician is, knowing how to start your own record label. Sometimes this can be quite a challenge you will need to think carefully and long term before taking any decisions. Your name will in effect be your business name and as such it will need to be:

Unique: Not only should your business name be unique you should also try not to make it similar to large well known businesses.

Memorable: You want your business name to be easy to remember. If you make it to the top of the charts you will want to be sure that your name is catchy enough to be remembered and become a household name.

Describe who you are as a musician starting your own record label. You need to stand out as a musician and your name should personify what you and your music stand for.

Budgeting: When you begin your business, remember that no business can be run without financial backing. If you do not have some money set aside for your business, you are setting yourself up for failure. It is imperative for your success that you put some thought into this and make a monthly budget for your business before you begin. Try to keep business expenses separate from personal ones.

Make it legal: Licensing your business name is mandatory when you start your own record label. You should always remember to license it with the city or state registrar. This will ensure that you do not infringe on copyrights and that your name cannot be used by anybody else. For a little extra they can also search and see that nobody else has the same name.

This is a useful thing to do as you do not want to get into any copyright problems later on. Once you have an established brand name you do not want to change it. Additionally getting a retail license, or permit is necessary if you are planning on selling recordings.

Multiple artists: When you start your own record label you have an option to publish other musicians’ works under your label. This is not a bad idea as you will then be sure to get some money coming in if your music is not going so well. You can join the ASCAP or BMI as a publisher or songwriter. This will help you to expand your brand name and develop your business.


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